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Monday, February 18, 2013

For the love of - POUTINE!!

You know suddenly over dose on a food item and then you don't want to eat it at all for a few months/years?

This happened to me with FRENCH FRIES. I got so bored of them , that their sight used to make me puke. But recently , I was at a friends house. We were tired and had been doing our assignment for hours. Just menial work of writing/copying you know? And we didn't have lunch. It was 5 in the evening and we were STARVING. Suddenly my friend puts on the tv and Fox Travller's Eat street is coming. On that episode they showed a unique thing called poutine selling at Smokes Poutinerie.

Now poutine is a very basic , run of the mill combo of - FRENCH FRIES + THICK SWEET-ISH GRAVY + CURD CHEESE. It originated from Canada/Quebec and it is pronounced as Po-teen.
Salivating , aren't you? Just imagine our condition when we saw that , that too on an empty stomach!
We googled what it was, like curious hotel management students and realised that mahim ka sasta southindian food , would not do it for us at the moment. WE NEEDED SOME FORM OF POUTINE with meat.

Now the only place I knew where we could get such a thing was IMBISS. (Click the link to read a review)

We rushed out of the house and went to bandra from mahim at a break neck speed just to realize that IMBISS would open at 6. (We reached at 5:45 , but a 15 min wait was too much for us at that time.) We waited waited and they finally opened their doors to us at 6:10. By that time , we were MORE-THAN-STARVING. (If such a state exists , that is.)

We went in , placed our order for the meaty dishes and asked BRUCE , the friendly owner, to toss up some sort of greasy fries+gravy+cheese combination. I requested him to make it with barbeque sauce and not gravy, and that was indeed a very good idea. He made this for us -

All I can say is that , it was heaven. It was MORE-THAN-HEAVEN. Like if I died and did not reach heaven, but I got a plate of poutine on my way , I would be happy. Like ecstatic happy. (Too much usage of the term "like":\ )
Poutine is so simple, so heart warming and so high on the greasy calorie scale that I'm frankly very shocked that it has not yet made it's mark on the world fast food arena yet.  It is still served rampantly in canada/quebec and in some other parts of the world in other forms but not in India.

Here's hoping poutine becomes a common street food soon! TRY IT ASAP and THANK ME!  :D

Monday, February 11, 2013

IMBISS - Restuarant Review

Caution - If you are vegetarian , STOP READING THIS ARTICLE NOW. Also this article does not contain an flowery language , humor etc.

Okay. So once again I’m late. Should have written this review two/three weeks back when no one knew about this place!!! 

Imbiss when translated on google translator means a “snack” in German. Oh , and a beautiful snackery it is. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Don't get lost, love

I had a nightmare last night.

You were lost and nobody cared.
Some said you died; the others thought you were lost,
And some just said you disappeared for self peace.
They were so nonchalant, so unperturbed,
It bothered me!
What happened to those promises of lifelong friendship and inequitable love?
Didn’t you mean anything to anybody?
Didn’t they care? No gloom, no remorse, no misery!
I was furious! Was this a hoax?
I screamed and screamed!
I asked them a million times,

“Where IS he?”

All I got for an answer were shrugged shoulders and faint recollections!
I wondered what it was like to have a depraved heart.
I started crying, I couldn’t help it!
I was searching for daises on a desert!
I knew I needed to find you myself.
To show you the faces of these blarney imposters,
To prove to you I was right.
Now, I know am selfish but I couldn’t help thinking
When I go away, will it be the same?
Will I be such a rare and grave memory that nobody would even search for me?
Would you be there then?
Will you come back to find me?
Please tell me, you will.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

On Positvism and Names

Have you read my blog recently? All my posts are all goey and happy and complenting other people and all that? Have you seen the wallpaper it's like filled with pink sunshine!!


This blog's name is "CYNICAL Vagabond".. C.Y.N.I.C.A.L. Vagabond. I should totally be dissing people and writing about things that I hate and that piss me off. I should be venting my anger against politics and people not recycling enough.

Seriously , What am I doing?

Next post onwards , I promise I'm going to write about something bitter that will make you gnarl. Hahaha *Cat Claws* Meow. Lame. Sorry.

Oh Btw , I was at work today and I saw this glass painting signed "Shish". And I thought WOW , this must belong to a guy named ashish , maybe. Then I thought that he probably named it that way cuz of shish being sheesha (Glass) . And then the next thing that came into my mind was that his twitter handle should be AShishKebab - A SHISH KEBAB . Get it ? GET IT? Yeah , I thought I was creative too. Lol. #AddictedToTwitter .

Hahaha. My friend priya's twitter handle is "Priyoritized " as in priortised . The first time I read it i was totally shocked and just smiled to myself for two minutes. And then there's this pretty awesome guy whose name is URBAN SANYASI . Like how cool is that. Totally an oxymoron.( I smiled for two minutes after I understood this one too) I thought that was so creative. I felt guilty and thought I should have a supercool twitter handle too. Like this. Something which is a spoof or involves wordplay, ya know?

So I put on my thinking cap and came up with - TADA - *DRUMROLL*

Meghnanimous - As in magnanimous .

Maybe , I'm just going through a very positive phase. Shemur!! :( (Whaddup Superwoman reference!!!)

So if you know anyone with an awesome twitter handle or you are one of the people mentioned in the article , leave me a shout out below or on twitter! Have a good night , you.

Monday, August 20, 2012

A blog worth mentioning - Caramel Wings

This is one blog I discovered yesterday . And I've almost seen half of it! I LOVE IT! You know when you have that spark of creativity and inspiration and you want to make something complicated , then you google it , find a million recipes and get confused? Well next time , just open her blog and search it there! Poof , Stress be gone!

Some of the things I LOVED that she made/wrote about were:

1) Mascaporne Cheese - OMG. I change the channel every time they say this word on tv cuz I know I can't afford to use it . She did a homemade version which is so easy , cheap and readily available. Truly solved half my problems. THANK YOU.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Long Time, It's been!

Hi. Hello. Er.. It's been long eh?
Sorry , I've not been updating this blog. The purpose of this blog was to talk about random things I noticed, liked or disliked.. But in being oversmart , I've lost that somewhere. I'm going to try and be a little more regular now..

So here's an update abour me! - At the moment , I'm doing my internship at ITC hotel Vadodara. So incase any of you guys drop down there , do wave! :D

And since I'm doing almost 9-10 hrs a day of work + 1 hr travelling, I barely have any time to do anything else.
Here's a lame pic I took at work :

My new passion these days is twitter!! Oh yes!! As some of you may who are my friends on facebook know that i'm absolutely facebook crazy and If you aren't my friend , you can read about that here.
And since my blog is linked to my twitter account a lot of people have asked me to update my blog (You can follow me - @cynicalvagabond)
In other news , the last article I wrote , got feedback from Jaymay and also Josh Radnor himself!! OMG. (Jaymay commented on the my blog. Sigh , I can die peacefully now.)

Ya see? :D
Oh and I almost forgot to mention , I miss bombay. If you live in bombay or love it as a vacation destination , or just absolutely hate it , let me know in the comments below! :D
Have a nice day and eat a pizza. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happythankyoumoreplease - A movie review

I have to admit , I was biased before I saw this movie.


1) I'm a romantic. My favourite genre in movies is romantic-comedy. I'd choose a rom comm anyday to sit and cry my eyes out to with a nice big bowl of hot and sour soup (Pop corn is so last season.). And generally I tend to love rom comms which have a different story line rather than the whole rich-girl-poor-boy thing and somehow , the REAL critics seem to dislike what I love. (I'm restraining myself from adding a LOL here.)

2) I love JOSH RADNOR because of three reasons - cute , cute and super cute. In battle of Friends V/s HIMYM , I've always chosen HIMYM and I will stand by that no matter what.